Ayurvedic care for healthy hair

by in Healthy Hair 17/03/2021

Hair is something that everyone wants the best results for. Both men and women around the world constantly seek the best products to enhance the appearance and health of their hair.
Nevertheless, due to various causes such as a poor diet, environmental factors, hormonal imbalance, or stress, we often end up suffering from conditions like hair fall, premature greying, or thinning. Moreover, many modern-day commercial hair care products use a lot of chemicals that damage not only the hair, but also are harmful to the body’s nervous and endocrine systems. And the products that we buy often have only a superficial effect and leave the underlying causes untreated.

This is where the Ayurvedic treatment process is beneficial to fight hair fall and hair loss. Badaris Group has over 40 years of trust and inheritance, formulating and distributing wellness products for people globally. Badaris group’s Herbaly Touch has the best ayurvedic hair oil -Keshi, which intrinsically involves a holistic approach to healing. Not only are the treatments and products used 100% natural, but they are also designed to address the root cause of the problem – which often originates in underlying problems deep within your body.

Keshi Hair oil focuses largely on rejuvenation to promote healing and regeneration. This is considered the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth and has been handed down from generation to generation for years. Herbaly Touch holds a deep relevance even today.

Treat Dryness, Frizziness, Thinning, Split-ends, and Hair loss

A lifeless hair that is frizzy, falling out in clumps, split ends, are all nightmares. Isn’t it? Such hair is also extremely prone to breakage. You need to be highly disciplined about your daily routine, including regular hair care to manage this. Regular Keshi Hair oil massage is extremely important to maintain overall hair health. You should also drink lots of water every day to keep your mind and body cool and hydrated.
Having a dedicated self-care routine is crucial when it comes to restoring one’s emotional balance and warding off the ill-effects of stress on your hair.

Here are a few regular and simple self-care routine that can help restore your long and lustrous hair:

  • Regular scalp massage with best oils
  • Scalp-cleansing
  • Dietary habits
  • Sleep ( 7-8 hours)
  • Stress management

Explore our hair care products and talk to our ayurvedic doctor today!
Start your journey towards seeing your hair in all its glory.

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