The Glow and The Blow

by in Beauty Products, Health Tips 06/04/2021

There are a lot of cosmetic brands out there that really lets you feel like you are glowing every single time you apply them to your face. But what most people fail to realize is that the glow comes with a catch. Your skin dies a little each time you hit with an artificial booster. Regardless of whatever output that they bring to your face, your skin is bearing the weight in the long run.

Most of you reading this article who are familiar with using face-packs know for a fact that the bleach that comes along with it is kind of a big contributor to the timely destruction of your skin. But that glow which every brand promises is the one thing that still makes you want to deep dive right into the pack and give it a try. Being In the ayurvedic industry for the past 4 decades, we have seen all kinds of brands come and go in the market that promised a glow, but just gave a huge blow to the customer’s face. Almost all our patients that came in for face and skin care treatments had the same complaint. That they were using a brand that promised extraordinary results, but over time was just taking out their own skin.

Every patient that has ever walked in to our ayurvedic hospital ( Badarinath Ayurveda ) had “a story to tell” about how they had enough of using artificial cosmetics and “a request to make” about how they definitely need to switch over to completely natural solutions.

Today, we are proud that our iconic ayurvedic face pack solution which is available in the market under the name “Herbaly Touch Daily Facial Pack”. It is truly the revolution that we had promised our patients and our anxious customers all these years. The response has been extraordinary thus far and we believe there are a few main reasons for this :

  1. We don’t push out a cream that you apply to the face. Instead we give you the authentic natural powdered form which does not need any preservatives and chemicals.
  2. We give you two iconic products in one package which you can mix, apply and get the results in under 15 minutes.
  3. The first product is called the “Kanthichoornam” and the second one is called “Herbal Bleach”. The herbal bleach is the only one of it’s kind available in the market and is the solution for the above mentioned bleaching issue that your skin has to deal with. It is completely herbal and doesn’t hurt your skin at all!
  4. You can use it for 7 full facials. In one single package, you get to do 7 facials, which again connects to the name product – Daily Facial Pack. Which essentially means, you can do a facial all 7 days per week. And only takes 15 minutes each.
  5. The pack takes out all issues that fall in the realm of : dark spots, dull skin, pimples, oily skin etc. All our customers have reported that they are seeing results within 7 days as well.

So does that makes us the best ayurvedic cosmetics brand in Kerala? Well, we have decided to let our customers finalize that for us once we release our entire portfolio of ayurvedic health care products into God’s own country’s highly educated market.

Our primary objective right now is to leverage all the experience that we have amassed across the decades and turn it into innovative herbal and ayurvedic healthcare solutions. We believe that our nation needs to look within itself for the best and safest beauty solutions and try to avoid any other entity that just promises a quick shine and glow.

And what does it mean to have a healthy face? The answer to that is use products that let you glow with all the glory and care that brands should really be focussing on. We want you to come and back read all our articles that we will be pushing out in the coming months and realize that we truly are the best ayurvedic cosmetics brand in Kerala.  And that’s something which all 25,000 of our patients and 1000s of ayurvedic doctors will say in chorus. Rethink the current beauty solution that you have for your face, try us one time and feel the difference. Having the glow is one thing, but figuring out how to avoid the blow to your skin is where you need to make the smart decision.

Herbaly Touch Daily Facial Pack.

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